Opening A Vein

There's nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and open a vein.


Yesterday was a good day, I went out to get the haircut I was overdue to have for a month which was nice. Frank is the quietest hairstylist I know, which is why I always go back to him for the crisis that is my hair.

My indulgent lunch of the month was supposed to be at Robuchon but this month's going to be mother's day so that will be postponed to next week. The salmon don and spam fries lunch at Tanuki Raw was a good treat though, along with the espresso martini. Before that, the earliest I've ever had alcohol in the day was 3pm.

I was so proud of myself that I didn't buy anymore books other than the taipei guide. :))))

oh I was born to live without you

I have finally finished watching Sex and The City and I think it meant so much more this time round. What isn't there to love? There is love, there is men, there is sex and there are the crazy outfits Carrie managed to pull together.

And as silly as it sounds, I feel like I have hope in relationships again. If Carrie had to go through so many wrongs to find one right at age 38, how can I give up now?

The character relate to the most is Miranda. Her pragmatism and her belief that she doesn't really feel is just so, me.

While watching the show, sometimes I wonder how many other women in their late twenties found the lessons useful and if it shaped their lives in any way. Of course, I know that it is a fictional story about a fictional girl who can outrageously afford Birkins on a writer's salary.

I turned 27 earlier this month, and while I like to say that I don't have the faintest idea where I am going, that's not really true, is it? I have a much better idea about who I am and what I want compared to five years ago. I know my strengths and my weaknesses. I learn and I learn and I grow.

I used to be so afraid to grow up because that means I would become one of those mindless drones that worked in a cubicle crunching numbers for the rest of my life. Thank goodness my accounting days are over.

Things will get better, I am a firm believer in that.

The truth

Whenever the people around us break up with their significant others we like to tell them that the one they left wasn't the right one. And then we go on to assure them that the right man/woman is out there and they'll find happiness eventuality.

I can't help but wonder, how much of that is truth and how much of that is just wishful thinking? As much as we don't like to admit it and as much as it scares us, there are people in this world who wants to love but will eventually die alone without knowing what it is like to be loved.

Is it really that bad to acknowledge that there is such a possibility? Is it really that bad to build a life that accounts for one instead of a possible romance? Can't be build our lives for one instead of expecting someone to come along and complete us?

two drifters, off to see the world

I think there is something about a very ambitious guy who knows how to get what he wants. In most of my past relationships I have been the one who takes charge, makes the decisions and it is both frustrating and really disappointing. I want to meet someone who is as ambitious as I am if not more. Someone who wants to better themselves and have the drive to do it. There is nothing more unattractive to me than a man who just accepts whatever life throws at him without fighting and then spend his days whining about how unfair the world is.

What can I say, I should have been born a man.

P.S. In hindsight that sounds really sexist and gender-role enforcing but it is really how I feel. If I were a man this wouldn't be an issue. I would be called take-charge and alpha instead of overbearing and bossy.

I wish I could be Charlotte and not Miranda but I guess it is just not me.

raindrops and roses

Day 12 & 13

So I missed the past two days, I would blame it on being extremely busy but that would be a lie considering that I always find time to watch more SATC when I am home and I should have written more.

Work has been good and I am very much looking forward to seeing how the team grows.

I'm sorry, I wish I could something more substantial but I am just soon braindead right now.